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Country: France – Paris

I was playing soccer and had an injury so I had a lot of free time and have decided to start to dance in November 2015. I never danced anything before. I tried Salsa, Bachata and Kizomba, I liked Bachata but fall in love with Kizomba directly. Then I started to take lessons in a small association in my city, my teachers are not famous, dancing only Kizomba traditional, very good for basics. I learned during 2 months (only basics) and then I preferred to find my own way, I practiced a lot, I was taxi dancer for a team (not famous), after one year and half I did my first class and post my first demo, it was a big success. So I did the contest “Olympiads of Kizomba” where I won 3 medals on 4 categories (Tarraxa / Sensual / Authentic). (Since November 2017, it’s my full job) After that I just continued to give classes all around the world to spread my passion and knowledge. I’m trying to be musical, technical, elegant, to have fun and to share with everyone.