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David Seath

Country: Canada – Nanaimo

David is a professional dance instructor whose love of dance started in the early 90’s with Swing and Salsa. It was during this time that honed his skills as a dance teacher, sharing and teaching thousands of people over a 10 – 15 year period. It wasn’t until 2012 when he took a class taught by the amazing Albir Rojas that he was introduced to Kizomba. It sparked something in him that the other dances had not. It was new, fun and interesting!

In 2014 he cofounded Kizomba on the Island out of Nanaimo and has since taught over 500 classes, hosted over 100 socials, and logged over 800 hours of instruction. His passion has been mostly on the local level, building communities in both Nanaimo and Courtenay teaching up to 80 students a week.

Words cannot describe the passion, joy, and fulfilment David gets from teaching and being a part of such an amazing dance phenomenon and dance community. He prides himself on being a good teacher and continues his own journey by attending festivals all over the world, taking all the private lessons where and when he can. One of his highlights was a private lesson with Albir when he first started and although lots have changed in the dance world since 2015, he is still influenced by that experience to this day.

None of David’s success would have been possible without the inspiring teachers, mentors, students and friends who have supported David’s journey tremendously, including the amazing dance partners and helpers he has had along the way.

To David, Kizomba is more than just a dance. Come see for yourself why!!