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DJ Guelas

Country: USA – Atlanta

DJ, performer, African music educator and festival promoter, DJ Guelas (pronounced Geh-Luss) is a native of Lisbon, Portugal with strong cultural roots in the Cabo Verde Islands, West Africa.

With more than 20 years of experience in the music business, DJ Guelas is a respected name in the world of Kizomba, Afro-House, Zouk, Semba, Funana, and Coladera. He has brought these genres of African music to audiences at numerous festivals and clubs in countries such as Brasil, Australia, Luxembourg, Italy, Argentina, Mexico, England, Germany, etc.

As an original member of the award nominated Lights Out DJs, Guelas has released over 10 Cds featuring artists like Suzana Lubrano and Ali Angel. Guelas is a founding member of the Miami Beach Kizomba Festival (MBKF), an annual four-day event that brings thousands of people together from across the world for workshops, aimed at promoting and educating music and dance lovers about African culture.

Guelas truly believes music and dance tell a people’s story, and in this case, the rich cultural history of African people, particularly those from Cabo Verde and Angola. His passion is to bring this unique history to the world as well as pass on the knowledge he has gained in the profession to younger generations of DJs and festival promoters.

When he’s not performing at international music festivals or working on his next studio project, DJ Guelas practices his craft at his home in Atlanta, Georgia.