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Country: Canada – Montreal

Originally from Montreal, Canada, Jean Richard a.k.a. JR grew up expressing himself through music and body movements. Born in a Haitian family, he grew up listening to Konpa and Zouk. Many of his family members break-dance so he was also heavily influenced by Hip-Hop and R&B. His family parties always had a mix of all these genres of music and dance combined.
JR first started partner dancing in 2012, beginning with latin dance. Through that community he was introduced to Kizomba two and a half years later. Once he moved to Seattle, he had the chance to pursue his Kizomba journey thanks to the amazing support of his community and the help of many instructors. He has been lucky enough to learn with Lucia, Adoree and Jamba, Josy and Fabricio, Miguel and Susana, and many more. Thanks to all of these people, he is now ready to share what he has learned and his passion of this culture with all who seek to learn.

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