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Tboy and Ashby

Country: USA – Virginia

Brinca is the combination of dancers Tboy Péleve of Paris and Ashby of Virginia, USA. With their forces combined, they bring you high quality dancing, fresh new style, experience, technicality, unique teaching abilities and, most of all, FUN! Tboy began his kizomba journey in late 2009 in Paris. Since then he has worked with and learned from some of the best kizomba and semba dancers. Thanks to Lucia Nogueira, who pushed Tboy to begin teaching in 2014. Since then, he has taught all over Europe and the USA, bringing unique semba style to any dance floor he touches! Ashby’s kizomba journey began in the US, and has since then taken her all around the world. She has been fortunate to train with, learn from and teach with many talented dancers in Europe and the USA. Ashby has a professional background in training and teaching, which adds a unique perspective to her teaching methods. Ashby is inspired by the beautiful women she encounters in the kizomba world, and seeks to offer women in class valuable and relevant tools to grow their dance.

Some Recent Festivals: – Miami Beach kizomba festival 2018 – Sawa Sawa 2016 – Tabanka Dancefest 2016 & 2017 – LA Kizomba Weekender 2017 – Only Dance Seattle 2017 & 2018 – San Diego Kizomba / Bachata Festival 2017 – Las Vegas Kizomba Festival 2017 – Houston Salsa Congress 2017 – Boston Kizombathon 2017 – Toronto Kizomba Festival 2016

Brinca has taught workshops in Paris, and Tboy has taught in festivals all over Europe before moving to the USA. Bookings for the upcoming year include many throughout the USA, Canada and Europe.