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Val’R & Steffy

Country: France – Paris

Val’R and St’Effy, creators of AFROKIZIAC’s association, have made since 2015 a harmonious and complicit duo.

They enjoy teaching Urban Kiz in France and abroad. Currently, and being active members of S.Y.S. CREW for a year (concept invented by Laurent Yishu), they continue to evolve in the creation of their artistic, scenic and choreographic universe.

Recently, Val’R and St’Effy founded AFROKIZIAC Teamb which aims to produce shows, win competitions and, of course, share their passion.

Gymnast, musician and dancer, St’Effy is destined for a professional artistic and sporting career. At 18, she was admitted to vocational training at a prestigious Parisian dance school. She then perfected herself in various styles and completed her degree State diploma of professor in pocket. In this quest to learn and teach, St’Effy discovered Afro-Latin dance fever. Captivated by the challenge of dance as a couple, she propelled within a few months into a new dance universe. For six years St’Effy has been evolving around her passion. Complete and full of charisma, she has all the strings of a solid and rich pedagogy.

In 2012, Val’R has appropriated his own style inspired by the best teachers. He is proof of a rapid and meticulous evolution which led him from dancer to subtle and technical guide and then to an invested and committed educator revealing later a talented choreographer. As a sports educator, he has reused his skills to enrich his pedagogy in the dance field. Today, Following Laurent Yishù’s steps, Val’R aims to take over Kizomba’s musicality. A daring but promising challenge.